February 2016

Margaret “Phil” Campbell and Gerald Adams of Campbell Road Nursery in Raleigh, NC were guest speakers at our February 14, 2016 meeting. Topic of discussion was “Plants that are sometimes forgotten: Natives as well as other plants that will attract birds, especially bluebirds“.

Phil, owner of Campbell Road Nursery, told interesting stories about the nursery and bluebirds.  Their  nursery grows new plants as well as the old proven standbys. They strive to offer a wide range of plants at a good price.

Gerald has been with Campbell Road just over a year, after he retired as curator at the Governor’s Mansion. He focused his portion of the presentation on vegetable gardening.

With Spring  just around the corner, the discussion of this meeting came at a perfect time to think about our gardens and bluebirds.  We appreciate the helpful information provided by Phil and Gerald.  The presentation they created for the meeting can be viewed by the links below, with choice of Power Point or PDF.

Food for Birds at Campbell Road Nursery

PDF File
Power Point


Gerald Adams, Phil Campbell, and Randy Senzig at 2/14/16 Bluebirder meeting


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