Wildlife Rehabilitation Training

If you are interested becoming a wildlife rehabilitator, the following information may be of interest to you.

Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina (WRNC)  Basics through Advanced Skills
This course is offered through the Division of Continuing Education for Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville, NC.

WRNC Annual Symposium
WRNC holds its annual symposium on the last weekend in January each year. In addition to general sessions appropriate for all rehabilitators, there is a track of sessions for beginning rehabilitators. There is a track of sessions that is approved for veterinary CE credit and and a track approved for vet techs. A variety of workshops are offered.

For additional information you may visit www.ncwildliferehab.org/training2/training.php or contact:

A Wildlife Rehabilitation permit is required by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. Information about the permit is shown below.


Wildlife Rehabilitation Permits: Wildlife rehabilitation is the volunteer practice of providing assistance to injured or orphaned wild animals to help them reach a level of health that would allow their return to their natural habitat. Care required can range from hourly feedings of orphaned animals, to veterinary treatment of sick or injured animals. Time and financial requirements for volunteer wildlife rehabilitators can be very demanding, especially in spring when large numbers of animals people mistake as being “orphaned” are found by the public. There is no fee for this permit. License expires 2 years from date of issue or every 2nd December 31st, whichever comes first.